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ACR Systems Inc. SmartReader Plus Data Loggers TrendReader 2 Software The Engineering Team at CDI would like to introduce the ACR SmartReader Plus Series of Data Loggers and the TrendReader 2 Software as the perfect package to get anyone started with logging Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, or most any other measurable variable you can think of. How SmartReader Plus Loggers Take Their Readings: Each ACR SmartReader Plus data logger from CDI has an on-board thermistor that you can use to record ambient temperature. Depending on which SmartReader Plus model you have,Read More

Posted On April 2, 2010By scottweatherwaxIn ACR, Precision Measurement & Controls

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The delivery time for almost all of the ACR Systems Products is Less than TWO weeks! ACR Systems manufacturers a line of world class data loggers that measure and record temperature, relative humidity,electrical current, pressure, process signals, pulse frequency, power quality and much moreRead More