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In the world of the Internet of Things, success comes from having attractive, full-featured, easy-to-use products with outstanding battery lifetimes. Dialog’s DA14580 Bluetooth® Smart SoC makes that possible. It’s the world’s smallest, lowest power and most integrated Bluetooth Smart solution. It gives designers the freedom to develop the Bluetooth 4.1 applications they want to, with no need for compromise. As part of Dialog’s SmartBond™ family, the DA14580 is easy to design-in and supports fully hosted applications. It is supported by a complete development environment and Dialog’s SmartSnippets™ software. Furthermore, itRead More

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iW3608 and iW3606 Single-Stage SSL LED Drivers

Dialog Semiconductor (Formerly iWatt) Single-Staged SSL LED Drivers Deliver Exceptional Bulb Dimming Performance with Lower BOM Cost iW3608 and iW3606 Configurable over-temperature derating ensures predictable, safe bulb operating life – iW3606, iW3608 offer wide 1% to 100% dimming range   CDI announces Dialog Semiconductor’s (Formerly iWatt) latest single-stage, solid state lighting (SSL) LED drivers to address cost, performance and lifetime issues in dimmable bulb applications. Following the introduction of its single-stage LED driver for non-dimmable incandescent bulb replacement applications earlier this year, Dialog Semiconductor (Formerly iWatt) is debuting the iW3606Read More
Dialog Semiconductor (Formerly iWatt) Flickerless™ SSL LED Driver is Optimized for Commercial Lighting and Wireless Lighting CDI announces Dialog Semiconductor’s (Formerly iWatt) digital AC/DC LED driver platform designed to address cost, performance and operating life in commercial and wireless solid state lighting (SSL) systems. The first device in this new platform, the iW3630 is a two-stage, Flickerless™ LED driver with output power up to 45W and is believed to be the first SSL LED driver with a built-in 0V to 10V dimming interface for commercial lighting ballasts. It also supportsRead More

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Innovative SSL LED Driver – iW3626

CDI is pleased to announce Dialog Semiconductor’s (Formerly iWatt) newest solid-state lighting (SSL) LED driver iW3626. iW3626 was developed to help lighting designers address cost and lifetime issues in price-sensitive residential retrofit bulbs. It is a 10W, non-dimmable LED driver for 60W-equivalent retrofit bulb applications. The iW3626 offers a new approach for lower-cost, higher-performance, non-dimmable SSL incandescent bulb replacement applications with on-board features including user-configurable power factor control and user-configurable over temperature protection and derating – which are traditionally only associated with higher-cost driver solutions. This high level of integrationRead More
CDI would like to invite you to meet with Dialog Semiconductor (Formerly iWatt) at the Strategies in Light 2013 Exhibition at the Santa Clara Convention Center on February 12-14, 2013. Please click here or call CDI at 1-800-777-7334 and let us know if you would like to schedule a special time to speak with an iWatt representative. FEB 12-14, 2013 Santa Clara Convention Center Santa Clara, CA USA www.strategiesinlight.com     For more information: Visit www.cdiweb.com/iwatt or call CDI toll-free at: 1-800-777-7334Read More

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Designing Greener Products at CDI

Dialog Semiconductor (Formerly iWatt) has raised the bar for no-load standby power consumption and efficiency in 12W to 24W power adapter and charger applications with the iW1761 and iW1762 digital pulse width modulation (PWM) controllers. These new devices expand iWatt’s latest PrimAccurate™ controller platform, lowering power draw in standby mode to just 10mW at up to 12W output power (iW1761) and 20mW at up to 24W output power (iW1762). ZMDI Expands its Smart Power Management Product Portfolio with the ZSPM9060, a Next-Generation DrMos Device for Highest Energy Efficiency. In combinationRead More
Dialog Semiconductor (Formerly iWatt) Raises The Bar With Third-Generation SSL LED Drivers Featuring Flickerless™ Technology and Patented Digital Dimming Control iW3616, iW3617 exceed global energy regulations and LED lighting standards Combine lower BOM cost with higher performance Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) announces Dialog Semiconductor (Formerly iWatt) latest digital AC/DC SSL (solid state lighting) LED driver platform with the iW3616 and iW3617. This new platform expands iWatt’s existing line of Flickerless LED drivers, increasing output power to 25W or higher, lowering the bill of materials (BOM) cost by 10% to 20%,Read More
Thank you for visiting Dialog Semiconductor’s (Formerly iWatt) booth at the 2012 LED Show held in Last Vegas, Nevada.  Dialog Semiconductor (Formerly iWatt) has requested that we contact you as their distributor partner.  We would like to take this opportunity to share with you CDI’s lineup of Dialog Semiconductor (Formerly iWatt) Solid State Lighting LED Drivers. SSL LED Driver ICs from Dialog Semiconductor (Formerly iWatt) are designed for the highest reliability and performance to ensure the best quality of light. Dialog Semiconductor (Formerly iWatt) takes high efficiency, small size andRead More
Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) announces Dialog Semiconductor (Formerly iWatt), newest PrimAccurate™ controller platform. The new iW1699 and iW1760 digital pulse width modulation (PWM) controllers allow power adapter designers to meet stringent emerging global energy regulations for AC/DC power adapters. The iW1699 is optimized for applications up to 12W with ultra-low standby power of less than 30mW to address the needs of smart phone and media tablet applications. The iW1760 is designed for applications requiring higher power, up to 40W, with less than 50mW standby power, including set top boxes, homeRead More
Solid-State Lighting (SSL) LED driver ICs from Dialog Semiconductor (Formerly iWatt) are designed to ensure the highest reliability with the best quality of light – consistent, high performance at all times, and no flicker – even when dimming. Dialog Semiconductor (Formerly iWatt) takes high efficiency, small size and low BOM cost as a starting point, then uses advanced digital control to create a driver with features and capabilities beyond the reach of conventional analog solutions. Dialog Semiconductor’s (Formerly iWatt) advanced digital solution achieves unparalleled performance with all forms of dimmers.Read More