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Sensata Technologies 112CP and 2CP5/2CP50 Series Pressure Transducers for Demanding Industrial and HVAC/R Applications Sensata Technologies 112CP and 2CP5/2CP50 series pressure transducers are suitable for the most demanding industrial and HVAC/R applications. Sensor feedback, coupled with variable speed motors, allows fan speed to be regulated as needed rather than simply turning fan motors on or off. Similarly, compressor load control flexibility is enabled via electronic pressure sensors. The control system can regulate the compressor speed and reduce energy consumption by running the compressor at variable speeds rather than constantly cyclingRead More

Posted On March 31, 2011By scottweatherwaxIn Ewave, Sensata, Sensors and Wireless

Sensata 2CP5/2CP50 Pressure Transducer

The 2CP5 Series transducer by Sensata provides proven high volume performance at a low cost.Read More