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ZMDI DrMOS Fairchild Replacements

ZMDI DrMOS Smart Power Management Products Direct Replacements for 11 Different Fairchild DrMOS Parts ZSPM9000, ZSPM9010, and ZSPM9060 meet the Intel® DrMOS 4.0 specification and are direct replacements for 11 different Fairchild DrMOS parts in terms of functionality, electrical characteristics, package dimensions and pinout. ZMDI’s DrMOS products are fully optimized, ultracompact, integrated MOSFET plus driver powerstage solutions for high-current, high frequency, synchronous buck DC-DC applications. ZSPM90xx DrMOS Features: Based on the Intel® 4.0 DrMOS standard High-current handling: up to 50A High-performance copper-clip package Tri-state 3.3V PWM input driver Skip ModeRead More

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ZMDI 2013 Global Brochure

ZMDI 2013 Global Brochure Enabling Energy Efficient Solutions ZMDI is a global provider of energy efficient mixed signal solutions and provides: Over 50 years of system and applications know-how applied to every customized and standard product Turnkey solution delivery from specification to final product Continuous strategic investment in talent and state-of-the-art engineering and test facilities Long-term commitment to “1st-Time Right” strategy for IC development High-level modeling for system simulation ZMDI has been providing high-performance analog and mixed signal semiconductor solutions for over 50 years. ZMDI offers high-quality products and servicesRead More

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Hot New ZMDI Product Releases – 2013 Q1

Hot New ZMDI Product Releases – 2013 Q1! Recent product launches include a new family of smart charger ICs with two new chargers for use with photovoltaic sources: the ZSPM4521 and the ZSPM4523. Click on the links below to learn more! ZSPM4521 for Li-ion batteries ZSPM4523 for super capacitors ZMDI has released a new member of their resistive bridge RBic Sensor Signal Conditioner IC family, the ZSSC3015, which is AEC-Q100 qualified for safety-critical automotive applications. ZSSC3015 – a new sensor signal conditioner for automotive-qualified, cost-optimized applications ZMDI has a new memberRead More

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ZSPM4521 & ZSPM4523: Two New Chargers for Use with Photovoltaic Sources

ZMDI EXPANDS ITS FAMILY OF SMART CHARGER ICS WITH TWO NEW CHARGERS FOR USE WITH PHOTOVOLTAIC SOURCES: THE ZSPM4521 FOR LI-ION BATTERIES AND THE ZSPM4523 FOR SUPER CAPACITORS ZMDI announces the release of the ZSPM4521 high-efficiency lithium-ion (Li ion) battery charger and the ZSPM4523 super capacitor charger for managing charging with photovoltaic sources. ZMDI enables best-in-class energy efficient solutions for mobile and battery-powered applications with its Smart Power Management technology. Both the ZSPM4521 and ZSPM4523 are configurable for termination voltages and charge currents to allow optimum charging for a wideRead More

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ASIC Development & Digital Power Control by ZMDI

Continuous Glucose Measurement: ASIC Development by ZMDI of an Implant for Continuous Glucose Measurement By Uwe Gunther ZMDI developed a new microchip for use in an implantable glucose measurement device for its partner Sensor for Medicine and Science (SMSI), The downloadable article describes the design specifications for this application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), which is implemented as a system-on-a-chip (SoC), and also gives an overview of the complete system. Click here to download the complete article. What’s Behind Digital Power Control? By Herman Neufeld Like any new technique that isRead More

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The Environmental Report Featuring ZMDI

ZMDI is proud to be recognized by The Environmental Report television program for the positive global impact ZMDI’s products have by reducing CO2 emissions. CDI is pleased to announce that ZMDI is featured in a television program by The Environmental Report airing in the United States beginning December 15, 2012. The Environmental Report explores the ways that ZMDI has been central in the development of energy-efficient technologies and underscores its role as an industry leader in creating solutions that enable energy-efficient products. As a global supplier of analog and mixed-signalRead More

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CDI Announces the Release of

CDI is Proud to Announce the Release of ZMDI’s New Website WWW.ZMDI.COM ZMDI, a leading global provider of energy-efficient semiconductor solutions recently re-launched WWW.ZMDI.COM. ZMDI’s revamped website contains a vast array of improvements including the "new" e-commerce function. CDI,, is a North American distribution partner of ZMDI. CDI is proud to have worked closely in the development and now as an agent in the fulfillment of products from the e-commerce portal. Visit WWW.ZMDI.COM and view some of the improvements including: A streamlined user experience Product selector guide with easyRead More

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ZMDI Launches the All-New WWW.ZMDI.COM

ZMDI Launches the All-New WWW.ZMDI.COM CDI is proud to introduce you to the all-new official ZMDI website ( ZMDI has responded to the feedback and suggestions from both the international ZMDI team and their partners and has created a truly world class internet experience. Features of the new site include: A Simplified User Experience Online eCommerce Platform Social Media Integration Multimedia Focused ZMDI is continually working to improve the site including reviewing content and improving the user experience. If you see something that they should know about, please don’t hesitateRead More

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ZMDI’s NEW Online Global Brochure

ZMDI’s NEW Online Global Brochure The ZMDI Online Global Brochure provides a place where customers can find useful product information. For this version, ZMDI has taken the most up to date feature sheets directly from their website. Changes and updates will be made on a quarterly basis and will address any updated information to existing feature sheets as well as introducing new products as they bring them to market. For More Information: Visit Click here to submit a Technical Inquiry Call CDI’s Toll-Free Number at 1-800-777-7334Read More

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ZMDI Has Gone Social!

ZMDI Has Gone Social!   ZMDI has been busy exploring fresh ways to connect with customers, employees and valued partners. You can now find a number of different ways to communicate with ZMDI through Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn® and YouTube®. ZMDI would love for you to join their conversation and keep up-to-date with news from around the globe.   ZMDI on Facebook     ZMDI on Twitter     ZMDI on LinkedIn     ZMDI on YouTube       Visit Call Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) Toll-Free Number at 1-800-777-7334Read More