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Furukawa Thermal Solutions – Heat Dissipation Products for Very High Power COB LED Applications – Now Available from CDI Learn More at Booth #725 at Strategies in Light (March 1-3, 2016)   Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) is pleased to announce the addition of Furukawa Electric to its LED Lighting Solutions portfolio.   Drawing on many years of experience developing heat dissipation technologies for cooling computer CPUs, Furukawa Electric has designed the HYC Series of products to cool very high power COB LEDs, such as the CLU550 from Citizen Electronics. TheRead More
MechaTronix Patented High Bay Coolers for up to 35,000 Lumens – Available at CDI   To support the increased thermal management needs of the ever more powerful COBs coming on the market, MechaTronix offers the CoolBay® family of passive round LED coolers. Based on the patented CoolTube® quadruple closed-loop heat pipe structure, the CoolBay® is the most compact design on the market and comes in two power platforms: CoolBay® Giga cools up to 22,000 lumens in a diameter of 152mm CoolBay® Tera cools up to 35,000 lumens in a diameterRead More
Visita Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) y Citizen Electronics en ELA Expo Lighting America Febrero 24 – 26, 2016 en el Centro Banamex – Ciudad de México – Stand #647 Conoce los Últimos Avances en la Tecnología COB LED y Otros Componentes de Iluminación   Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) y Citizen Electronics estarán presentes en ELA Expo Lighting America, el principal foro de negocios para la industria de iluminación profesional en México.     Visítenos en el stand # 647 para conocer las novedades de la tecnología COB LED, tales como:Read More
CDI and Robai Corporation Bring You The World’s Finest Lightweight Robotic Systems Transcending Traditional Robotics Through Advanced Software     CDI and Robai Corporation (Cambridge, MA) are pleased to bring you the world’s finest light industrial duty robotic arm systems. Robai’s premier Cyton line of kinematically redundant robotic manipulators are extremely compact, powerful & dexterous. Industry-Leading “Actin” Robotic Software offers quick and simple tasking commands for all users.   Click on the image below to view the Robai Robotic Systems in Action   Meet The Robots! Cyton Epsilon 1500  WithRead More
LEDiL’s ANGELETTE Family of LED Reflectors For Highly Pleasing and Uniform Indoor Architectural Lighting Request Your Samples from Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) Today!     LEDiL introduces six new ANGELETTE reflectors with the following symmetrical light distributions: narrow spot, medium flood and wide flood. Each one delivers a smooth, glare-free and uniform light pattern, and are optimized for high quality office space, hospitality and museum lighting applications. ANGELETTE reflectors come in a standard 110mm diameter and are based on LEDiL’s existing ANGELA interface, offering unsurpassed compatibility and ease of installationRead More
SmartTool™ Technologies Digital Protractors and High Precision Measuring Tools at CDI The PRO 360 and PRO 3600 Digital Protractors from SmartTool™ available at CDI are high precision measuring tools that provide an immediate reading of all angles in all 360 degrees. Assembled in the USA, the heart of these products is a custom sensor inclinometer that is made in Oklahoma City. With over 1,500,000 sold, this proven technology is the only product of its kind tested by M-D Building Products that meet high accuracy specifications. Backed by a 1 yearRead More
MEAN WELL HLG-240H-C Series 250W Constant Current and High Voltage Output LED Power Supply with PFC Available at CDI Mean Well is pleased to introduce the new HLG-240H-C series constant current, high voltage output 250W LED power supply now available from Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI). The HLG-C series has provided outstanding performance and reliability in the LED lighting industry. Previously launched lower power HLG-C series drivers have set the standard for quality and price in the industry. With models available in 70W, 90W, 150W and 200W the HLG-240H-C fills theRead More
MechaTronix Advanced Pin Fin LED Coolers for Tilted Spot Lights – Available at CDI   MechaTronix pin fin coolers were specifically developed to optimize free air convection behind LED spot and track lights that are tilted over 50 degrees. In tests comparing comparable extruded aluminum heat sinks against these second generation pin fin LED coolers, both had similar cooling performance in the classic vertical position. But once they were tilted to angles greater than 50 degrees, the pin fin LED coolers kept functioning while the extruded aluminum heat sinks lostRead More

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Come Visit InvenSense at CES 2016

Come visit InvenSense at CES! InvenSense will be at this year’s 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 6th – January 9th, in South Hall 4 #36217 (Click Here for map). They will be showcasing their new Internet of Sensors platforms and solutions. InvenSense continues to lead the industry in bringing innovative human-like interface, including motion, audio, and software solutions in both consumer and industrial devices. This year, InvenSense is progressing the idea that the Internet of Sensors is the next wave of intelligent sensor system on chipRead More
Citizen Electronics – Development of Version 5 COB Reduces Thermal Resistance by 35% – Increases Luminous Efficacy and Flux up to 7% 2016 Citizen COB Catalog (including Version 5) Now Available for Download from CDI   Citizen Electronics recently announced that it has developed Version 5 of its standard COB LED series that will offer improved performance over its current models. Mass production is scheduled to start in January 2016 and Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) will carry Version 5 shortly thereafter for sale in the Americas.   Download the 2016Read More