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SmartTool Technologies Digital Protractors and OEM Inclinometer Sensing Unit Available and In Stock at CDI SmartTool Technologies PRO 360 and PRO 3600 SmartTool Technologies PRO 360 and PRO 3600 are high performance, angle measurement tools available and in stock at CDI. Both units have a One Year Limited Warranty, CE Certification and National Stock Numbers.* These state-of-the-art, angle measurement tools have features such as "Hold" which lets you to store the last reading taken with a touch of a button. They also have "Alternate Reference" (Alt Zero) which allows youRead More
MEAN WELL LCM-25 Series Multiple Stage Constant Current LED Power Supply As a compliment to the 40W LCM-40 and the 60W LCM-60 series, MEAN WELL has added the new lower power 25W LCM-25 series to meet the growing intelligent LED lighting control market. This flexible design enables users to select the output current using a built-in DIP switch. The LCM-25 is designed with a built-in 2 in 1 dimming function (0~10Vdc and PWM signal), whereas the digital control model, LCM-25, is equipped with a DALI interface and push dimming function.Read More
NK Technologies AG Series, AGL Series, and AGT Series Ground Fault Relays   This electrical occurrence doesn’t get the attention it deserves since it can kill you, burn your building down, or damage expensive instruments. A ground fault occurs whenever there is an unbalance of current flow which normally flows from the hot side of the circuit to the neutral. Many things can cause an unbalance which will result in current flow partially or not at all from hot to neutral. Where, how much, and how long does that improperRead More
MEAN WELL ERP-350 Series 350W Enclosed Power Supply with Anti-Rain Splash Design MEAN WELL introduces another innovative product in the ERP-350 series. In order to address the demanding requirements of LED lighting applications for channel letters and advertising signs, MEAN WELL has launched the new ERP-350 enclosed type power supplies with constant voltage output and anti-rain splash design. With an aluminum enclosure, heat dissipation holes with anti-rain splash design, Mean Well’s ERP-350 is perfect for installation in the outdoor environment with suitable canopy coverage. All series are semi-potted by glueRead More

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MEAN WELL LPV-150 Series LED Power Supply

MEAN WELL LPV-150 Series LED Power Supply Mean Well introduces the LPV-150 series constant voltage, low cost LED switching power supply. The LPV-150 series accepts 180~305VAC input and provides an economical plastic enclosure. The LPV-150 series provides the most commonly used DC output voltages of 12V, 15V, 24V, 36V and 48V. Applications: indoor and outdoor LED signage LED decorative lighting building wall wash lighting LED strips and other luminaries involving constant voltage LED driving applications Features: 180~305VAC input range 90% high efficiency Fanless design, cooling by free air convection WorkingRead More

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MEAN WELL RST-5000 Series 5000W Single Output Power Supply

MEAN WELL RST-5000 Series 5000W Single Output Power Supply Mean Well’s RST-5000 series compliments a broad high power offering from 1000-3000W. This 5000W unit has built-in active PFC, wide range 3-phase AC input and 24 & 48 VDC outputs commonly used in industrial applications. The RST-5000 design enables wide range adjustments for output voltage and output current. The output voltage can be trimmed between 20~120% of the rated voltage by 1~6VDC external control signal and the output current can be trimmed between 20~100% of the rated current by 1~5VDC externalRead More

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MEAN WELL GSM90B Series 90W High Performance Medical Adaptor

MEAN WELL GSM90B Series 90W High Performance Medical Adaptor Mean Well announces the GSM90B series, the high performance 90W desktop type medical adaptor. The entire series is certified third edition IEC60601-1 and designed for 2 x MOPP (Means of Patient Protection). Additionally, with ultra low leakage current less than 100µA, high efficiency up to 91% and low no load power consumption less than 0.15W, the GSM90B provides the high quality and safety required for patient contact medical power supplies. The GSM90B also complies with the latest energy-saving regulations. Mean WellRead More

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100MHz Very Low Noise VCXO VL-Type Series from Taitien

100MHz Very Low Noise VCXO VL-Type Series from Taitien VL-Type Series in 9 x 14mm SMD package The VL-100MHz series from Taitien is available at Component Distributors Inc. (CDI). The VL-100MHz series is a 100.000MHz high performance VCXO offering high frequency and very low phase noise. The part comes in a small 9 x 14mm SMD package which makes it suitable for reflow soldering during pick and place assembly.   Order Online at CDI Phase Noise Option: A B C VLCUVLWAFF-100M VLCUVLWAGF-100M VLCUVLWAJF-100M Features: Applications: • Low Phase Noise •Read More

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ACR Systems Data Loggers Available at CDI

ACR Systems Data Loggers Available at CDI The huge market share Microsoft holds in the computing world today means your data logging equipment and recording devices should be compatible. They also need to be self-powered with long battery life and extremely rugged. The ACR Systems product line offers all these features as well as being self-contained, small, and simple to install and use. ACR data loggers handle temperature, humidity, AC current/voltage, pressure, differential pressure, CO2/gasses, process signal, power quality, pulses, and more. ACR offers complete easy to use software forRead More
ACKme enters the Bluetooth market with family of low power, high performance Bobcat BLE modules Each fully licensed with TruConnect™ to offer Fast BLE / Bluetooth Smart Product Design, and Robust Product Performance. ACKme Networks changed the market with its easy-to-use Wi-Fi modules such as the AMW004 ‘Wallaby’ and AMW006 ‘Numbat’ family members, and today ACKme redefines the benchmark by which all Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) / Bluetooth Smart modules are now measured. For many, BLE offered a new and easier method by which products could create a serial linkRead More