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  ACKme introduces its latest Numbat family member; the higher performance, low cost AMW106 Wi-Fi module Designed to support multiple concurrent Wi-Fi services, ensuring a rich connected user experience without design compromise   The new AMW106 Wi-Fi module from ACKme Networks is the newest and most powerful member of the ‘Numbat’ family to date. As with all Numbat modules, the product is designed to meet the need of today’s securely connected products. The Numbat family is suited to a vast array of connected products including environmental sensors, actuators, analytic monitorsRead More

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Internet of Sensors 2015 InvenSense Developers Conference

  Internet of Sensors 2015 InvenSense Developers Conference   InvenSense continues to blaze a trail through the intelligent sensor system on chip (SoC) market for motion, audio, and software solutions in both consumer and industrial devices. Along the way they have built a Developer Community that has grown to over 27,000 members in just 4 years. This has allowed them to create the largest MEMS based Developer Conference in the world! InvenSense is excited to host the fourth annual InvenSense Developers Conference November 17-18, 2015 at the Santa Clara ConventionRead More
  EMCOM-FT230X Worlds’ Smallest Selectable Voltage USB-UART Module CDI introduces the latest Communications Breakout Board from Embedded Masters, the EMCOM-FT230X. This is the WORLDS SMALLEST (14.8×15.2mm) Pin-Selectable USB-UART Module. The EMCOM-FT230X is based on the Future Technologies FT230X, USB to BASIC UART IC. These breakout boards can be soldered directly into an application or they can be used as a bread board for early testing or prototyping. Via a selectable jumper, the boards can be configured for a 3V, 5 V OR Any External voltage down to 1.8V. This allowsRead More
Rapid Delivery of Crystal Oscillator Prototype Devices at CDI CDI and Taitien Electronics are pleased to introduce a new service that allows for rapid delivery of Crystal Oscillator prototype devices. Utilizing a dedicated on-line tool, CDI and Taitien can quickly generate a product specification based on your requirements. Once approved, this specification is used to create prototype devices that are typically shipped within 24-48 hours. The Crystal Oscillators use industry-standard footprints, and offer customization options such as power supply voltage, stability, output waveform, to name a few. These oscillators canRead More
Phase II New MET-Mini Ultrasonic Portable Hardness Testers at CDI The new PHASE II miniature ultrasonic portable hardness tester is capable of measuring the surface hardness of a broad variety of metals on flat, round, thin or large surfaces. Accurate measurements of steel, cast steel, alloy steel and aluminum, are easily attained with these mini, ultrasonic portable hardness testers. The MET-HRC, MET-HB & MET-HV meet ASTM A1038-10 specifications. Watch the Phase II MET-mini Portable Hardness Tester in Action:   All Phase II Products Available at CDI • Coating Thickness GaugesRead More
Surface Roughness Measurement with the Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-210/178-Portable: 178-561-02A Looking for a Portable Surface Roughness Tester? Check out the professional capabilities of the Mitutoyo SJ-210.  The SJ-210 is a small, lightweight, and extremely easy to use surface roughness measurement instrument that lets you view surface roughness waveforms right on the color LCD screen. The Surftest SJ-210 is a user-friendly surface roughness measurement instrument designed as a handheld tool that can be carried with you and used on-site. For a limited time, while supplies last, you can pick up the SJ-210Read More

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Precision Inc. – LLC Resonant Converters & Plumbing?

LLC Resonant Converters & Plumbing? Comparing electrical systems to plumbing is nothing new. Sure, one flows through closed circuits while the other flows out of faucets, but they are similar in a lot of ways. One of the similarities is the problems that can occur when a switch (or faucet) is closed abruptly. In poorly designed plumbing systems the sudden rise in pressure when a faucet is closed can cause a loud thump and eventually even damage the system. It’s called “water hammer,” and on a very small scale it’sRead More
Telaire / Amphenol T9602 Humidity & Temperature Sensor Available at CDI Telaire, a division of Amphenol Advanced Sensors introduced the T9602 Rugged Humidity and Temperature sensors. Based on the popular ChipCap2 humidity and temperature sensor, the base technology is the popular capacitive polymer sensor chip and a CMOS integrated circuit with EEPROM. However, the packaging is much more robust. The T9602 is housed in a water resistant, over molded plastic housing made for the most demanding environments that are found in HVAC, indoor air quality (IAQ), ventilation fans, humi/dehumidifiers, medicalRead More

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SGX Streamline of Product Range

  SGX Streamline of Product Range SGX prides itself on the breadth of its product range and consider ourselves to have the widest possible range of sensors to meet customers’ needs. However, we have recently reviewed our portfolio and found that we have a number of products which have been sold in very low quantities over the past few years. In addition, we have a number of electronic products which contain components which are nearing obsolescence. We would like to streamline our product range to maximize efficiency in our factoryRead More
Embedded Masters EMMIC-ICS43432 MEMS Low-Noise I²S Output Microphone Audio Evaluation Board   The ICS-43432 is a MEMS based, ultra-low noise, I²S interface microphone. It is available in a small 4x3x1mm LGA style package with the sound port on the bottom of the package. The ICS-43432 is comprised of a MEMS sensor, signal conditioning, 24bit A/D converter, on-board decimation and anitaliasing filters, power management, and a 24bit I²S interface. The ICS-43432’s can be used in all sorts of applications including games, voice-recognition systems, intercom/teleconferencing systems, security systems, and microphone arrays. ItRead More