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Solartron Metrology Controllers / Interfaces and Modules for Orbit® 3 Sensors From the World Leader in Digital Probe Gaging, Solartron Metrology Orbit® 3 Controllers and Interface Modules Open Up a World of Measurement Possibilities. Orbit® 3 Digital Measurement System Controllers Interface to PC’s and PLC’s USB Interface Module (USBIM) RS232/RS485 Interface Module (RS232IM) / (RS485IM) Ethernet Interface Module (ETHIM) MODIM a PLC interface module for Orbit® 3 Click here to download the complete Orbit® 3 Datasheet   Solartron Modules That Connect to Third Party Sensors “It’s not just for DigitalRead More
Advanced Force Measurement and Vision Analysis Capabilities from Starrett Find the Best Deals on Starrett Precision Measuring Tools at CDI     Component Distributors Inc. (CDI) proudly announces a new alliance with Starrett and their exciting line of Force, Material and Spring Testers, as well as their industry leading lineup of Vision Metrology / Optical Comparators. Let us know how we can best assist you with your metrology needs.     Advanced Force Measurement Analysis with Starrett Force Testers: Designed for advanced force measurement and analysis, the Starrett Force TestersRead More

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Schedule a Meeting with InvenSense at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

Visit InvenSense at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas, Nevada, January 6th – January 9th South Hall 4 #35806 Hello, InvenSense will be at this year’s 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 6th – January 9th, in South Hall 4 #35806 (Click Here for map). There we will be showcasing their new Sensing Everything™ Solutions. The Internet of Things (IoT) is ultimately a vast network of connected sensors which enable the cloud to interact with the real physical world. These objects interact with each other and senseRead More
Looking for affordable low cost IC’s for use in engineering labs or projects and competitions! Please check out the excess inventory that CDI is offering below vendor purchased pricing. All of these devices are new and have never been used. These devices cost less than $1.00 each! Product Type: Part Number: Available Qty: Price: LED Driver IC AS1100WL-T 98 $0.25 AS1102-T 47 $0.25 AS1103-T 50 $0.25 AS1104-T 50 $0.25         Switching Regulators AS1320-T 2600 $0.75 AS1321-T 2168 $0.75 AS1322A-BTTT 1997 $0.50 AS1325-33-T 95 $0.50 AS1325-50-T 96 $0.75Read More
Schaevitz AccuStar® Electronic Clinometer for OEM Applications Available at CDI   The AccuStar® Electronic Clinometer is an extremely accurate angle measurement device that produces an output signal which corresponds directly to the magnitude and direction of angular displacement. Measuring just 2 inches in diameter, this compact and affordable sensor is ideal where high accuracy measurements are required in space restrictive applications. The heart of the system is a patented, capacitance-based sensor with no moving parts. When rotated about its sensitive axis, this unique sensor provides an exceedingly linear variation inRead More
ACR Systems Data Loggers Prevent Mold In Your HVAC System Measure & Record Temperature, Relative Humidity & Carbon Dioxide   Do your customer’s air conditioning and heating ducts harbor a fertile colony of fungi which can seriously damage their living conditions, health, and property value? Are you sure you aren’t enabling mold farms? If you are involved in HVAC, building management, real estate, building maintenance, remodeling, or development you need to be certain that you produce the proper air quality, mold elimination, and general inhabitability inside. Many things are hiddenRead More
Evergreen Primary and Rechargeable Batteries Available at CDI Short Lead Times and Low Minimum Quantities on Standard Cells Quick Turnaround on Custom Battery Packs Since 1986, Evergreen has been offering quality batteries to the US market from its parent company Chung Pak Battery Works Ltd. Chung Pak is dedicated to developing the most cost-effective and eco-friendly batteries and their product line includes options that do not contain mercury, lead or cadmium. The complete product line includes: PRIMARY BATTERIES: Ultra-Thin Lithium Polymer - These extremely thin primary lithium polymer batteries wereRead More
SmartTool Technologies Digital Protractors and OEM Inclinometer Sensing Unit Available and In Stock at CDI SmartTool Technologies PRO 360 and PRO 3600 SmartTool Technologies PRO 360 and PRO 3600 are high performance, angle measurement tools available and in stock at CDI. Both units have a One Year Limited Warranty, CE Certification and National Stock Numbers.* These state-of-the-art, angle measurement tools have features such as "Hold" which lets you to store the last reading taken with a touch of a button. They also have "Alternate Reference" (Alt Zero) which allows youRead More
MEAN WELL LCM-25 Series Multiple Stage Constant Current LED Power Supply As a compliment to the 40W LCM-40 and the 60W LCM-60 series, MEAN WELL has added the new lower power 25W LCM-25 series to meet the growing intelligent LED lighting control market. This flexible design enables users to select the output current using a built-in DIP switch. The LCM-25 is designed with a built-in 2 in 1 dimming function (0~10Vdc and PWM signal), whereas the digital control model, LCM-25, is equipped with a DALI interface and push dimming function.Read More
NK Technologies AG Series, AGL Series, and AGT Series Ground Fault Relays   This electrical occurrence doesn’t get the attention it deserves since it can kill you, burn your building down, or damage expensive instruments. A ground fault occurs whenever there is an unbalance of current flow which normally flows from the hot side of the circuit to the neutral. Many things can cause an unbalance which will result in current flow partially or not at all from hot to neutral. Where, how much, and how long does that improperRead More