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Posted On September 1, 2016By Component Distributors Inc.In Design Kits, Ewave, Passives, RF-Microwave

Broadband Capacitors Available Now for Quick Delivery!

  Broadband Capacitors Available Now for Quick Delivery!   Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI) has developed a series of Broadband Capacitors available in 4 different case sizes; 01005BB, 0201BB, 0402BB, and the 0603BB. Values available are 10nF (103) and 100nF (104). These capacitors are intended primarily for coupling RF signals or, occasionally, for bypassing them to ground, while blocking DC. The applications for which they are intended require small, surface-mountable devices that provide low RF impedances, i.e., low insertion losses and reflections, across extremely large RF bandwidths and temperatures typically rangingRead More
  CDI Sensors and Wireless Group Product Highlights for Humidity & Temperature, Smart Dust, Pressure, & CO² Sensing – September 2016   ChipCap 2™ A Fully Calibrated Humidity and Temperature Sensor ChipCap 2 offers the most advanced and cost effective humidity and temperature sensing solution for virtually any type of application. A capacitive polymer sensor chip and a CMOS integrated circuit with EEPROM are integrated into one embedded system in a reflow solderable SMD package. • Fully Calibrated & Temperature Compensated • Digital or Analog Output with Alarm Function •Read More
Mahr Federal Offers Integrated Wireless Data Transmission with Digital Calipers and Indicators Wireless data transmitters now integrated within MarCal digital calipers and MarCator digital indicators, eliminating cumbersome cables and external transmitters     Mahr Federal wireless data transmission capability is now integrated within its families of MarCal digital calipers and MarCator digital indicators using proven wireless technology. Both MarCal digital calipers and MarCator digital indicators send data to a small i-stick receiver, resembling a common USB flash drive. MarCom software makes data acquisition simple: just take a measurement and transmit measuring data directly into MSRead More

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LEDiL New Product Releases – August 2016

LEDiL New Product Releases – August 2016     FLORENTINA-1 – Makes new modular designs possible LEDiL’s new addition to the FLORENTINA-family is FLORENTINA-1, the single unit solution for building optimized and highly pleasing low-glare indoor lights. The compact design allows you to cluster FLORENTINA-1’s seamlessly right next to each other, giving you the freedom to create different optical layouts for any space. Featuring a wide base of different optical solutions, fast tape installation and a customizable outlook to provide an unbeatable all-in-one solution. Personalized faceplates can be made fromRead More
Taitien’s Small Form Factor Low Noise Crystal Oscillators Targeted for Hi-Fi Audio Market       OY-U/OX-U Taitien Electronics has introduced the new OX-U and OY-U series capable of achieving excellent close-in phase noise needed for high fidelity audio systems. These new series of crystal oscillators utilize Taitien’s proprietary crystal design as well as low-noise ASIC to reach -100 dBc/Hz @10Hz offset and noise floor of -160 dBc/Hz. These features make this product line ideal solution for clocking high-performance DACs (digital-to-analog converter) to generate highest sound quality in audio systems.Read More
Save the Date – InvenSense’s 2016 Developers Conference   Save the Date, October 20th-21st 2016 InvenSense will be holding its 5th annual Developers Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. With over 400 participants, it continues to be the largest MEMS based developer show in the world! We listened to the developer feedback and we are changing the focus this year to comprehensive full-day tracks geared toward teaching how various InvenSense products can be used for each of these hot markets… Augmented/Virtual Reality Health & FitnessRead More
Measurement Specialties Piezo Film Sensors for a Wide Range of Markets and Applications     Measurement Specialties, a division of TE Connectivity offers piezoelectric fluoropolymer film, which has unique capabilities and produces voltage or charge proportional to dynamic strain. The film is suited for many different custom designs, configurations and applications, including versatile coaxial cable used for everything from security to musical instrument amplification. Piezo film is a flexible, lightweight, tough engineering plastic available in a wide variety of thicknesses and can cover large areas. Piezo film has low density,Read More
Taitien Releases Ultra-Low Phase Noise 100MHz OCXO NA/NI-100M-6900 Series     Taitien Electronics has introduced the highest performance Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXOs) in the industry, the NA-100M-6900 and NI-100M-6900 series. Both of them are capable of providing tight frequency stability of +/- 50 ppb over -20 to 70°C and +/- 200 ppb over -40 to 85°C in the industry standard and hermetically sealed 1"x1" package as well as the popular Euro package with ultra-low phase noise performance.   About Taitien Taitien offers OCXO, TCXO, VCXO, Crystal, and Crystal Oscillators.Read More
Install Confidence – Every Time & Every Where Comp Pro® Compression Connectors for Critical Communication Foolproof Field Installation One Minute Install Rugged Construction Pull Strength > 200lb Waterproof Design – IP68 Rated Patented Compression Technology 7-16 DIN, N and TNC Interfaces LMR®-400 & Equivalent Braided Cables Now Available for LMR®-600 Cable     Ruggedized and Resistant Comp Pro® Cable Assemblies We Can Build Them for You!     Ideal for harsh environment assemblies Compression connectors for LMR®-400 and LMR®-600 cable IP68 rated to 12 inches immersion Plenum and fire retardantRead More
CDI Announces Availability of a New GaN 600W S-Band Radar Device from Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations U.S.A.   Sumitomo has released for production their latest and most powerful S-Band Radar device. The SGN2729-600H-R covers the 2.7 to 2.9 GHz S-Band Radar frequencies, and delivers a minimum of 600W of power in pulsed operation. The device operates from a 50V supply rail, and provides 13 dB of gain at P3dB compression. The SGN2729-600H-R is matched to 50 ohms on both input and output, making the design process much easier for engineersRead More