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Posted On September 25, 2014By Component Distributors Inc.In Diotec, Ewave, Power

Diotec Semiconductor Product Selection Guide Downloads

Diotec Semiconductor Product Selection Guides   Semiconductor diodes have always been essential components of electronic devices. Rectifiers in power supplies, diodes for signal processing or protection devices in various circuits: modern electronics cannot function without these parts. For more than 30 years, Diotec has been delivering innovations in this highly competitive market. Check out Diotec Semiconductor’s newest product selection guides which feature: Schottky Diodes having 150V of reverse voltage and up to 175°C junction temperature TVS Diodes having 3000W peak pulse power Axial Diodes having 25A and up to 2000VRead More

Posted On September 25, 2014By Component Distributors Inc.In Ewave, InvenSense, Sensors

InvenSense Application Note: Reflow Soldering of MEMS Microphones

InvenSense Application Note Reflow Soldering of MEMS Microphones   Many users are under the false pretense that bottom-ported, MEMS Microphones cannot be solder reflowed, but the soldering process needs to be a manual process, after the standard solder reflow process. Application note 1068 provides guidance and suggestions for assembling boards with MEMS microphones. Parameter and profile details are presented, followed by device footprints, suggested solder paste masks, and PCB land patterns for all InvenSense MEMS microphones.   This application note will include: • PRINTING PARAMETERS • SOLDER PASTE STENCIL PARAMETERSRead More
NK Technologies Installation Without Interruption for Critical Current Monitoring!   Click here to submit a technical inquiry or quote request for the AT/ATR-LS Current Transducer The need to measure electricity usage has become very important to factories. The proposed EPA regulations will soon become law and make power much more expensive, every year for the foreseeable future. Likewise, the efficient operation of electrical machinery becomes more important since poor efficiency equals more electricity. A major problem for existing installations, especially large units, which currently do not have current measurement realRead More

Posted On September 23, 2014By Component Distributors Inc.In AEM Components, Ewave, Power

AEM Components Releases 1206 Size Wire-in-Air Surface Mount Fuses

AEM Releases 1206 Size Wire-in-Air Surface Mount Fuses   AEM Components’ new 1206 size Wire-In-Air AirMatrix(TM) fuses come in low profile bodies and compact footprints while delivering high inrush current withstanding capabilities. Fuses from the AF1206 AirMatrix(TM) Series are available with current ratings from 1.5A to 15A and voltage ratings from 32V to 65V, making them a great solution for a broad range of consumer electronics applications. Additionally, AEM leads the market as one of the first manufacturers to release a 1206 size wire-in-air fuse with a 15A current ratingRead More

Posted On September 18, 2014By Component Distributors Inc.In Embedded Masters, Ewave, Sensors

Accelerate Testing Time with Embedded Masters Breakout Boards

Accelerate Testing Time with Embedded Masters Breakout Boards   Embedded Masters introduces two new Breakout Boards which allow a quicker time to market by accelerating testing time on these often hard to handle SMD devices.         The first device is the Breakout Board for the InvenSense ITG-3400 motion sensor. The ITG-3400 is a 3-axis motion sensor in a tiny 3x3x0.9mm (24pin QFN) package. The EMSENSR-ITG3400 provides an easy way to incorporate the ITG-3400 in an prototype either via a breadboard with standard 2.54mm/.1” headers or can simplyRead More
NK Technologies Guaranteed Jam Protection For Conveyor Systems   Click here to submit a quote or technical inquiry for the ATS Series For a long time electromechanical relays have been used for jam protection to prevent drive motors from continuing to run during a conveyor jam. Unfortunately, these relays have questionable reliability. If the drive motors continue to run during jams, system elements including the motors may be damaged. That means expensive and time consuming repair and/or replacement, but even worse, down time for the entire conveyor system. Now aRead More

Posted On September 11, 2014By Component Distributors Inc.In Ewave, Sensors, Telaire/Amphenol, Wireless

Telaire Introduces the NEW Smart Dust Sensor SM-PWM-01A

Telaire Introduces the NEW Smart Dust Sensor SM-PWM-01A Available at CDI   The new Telaire SM-PWM-01A is a dust sensor that detects the dust particle concentration in air by using optical sensing method. An infrared light emitting diode (IR LED) and a photo-sensor are optically arranged in the device. The photo-sensor detects the reflected IR LED light by dust particles in the air. The SMART Dust Sensor can detect the small particle like cigarette smoke and it can distinguish small particles like smoke from large house dust by pulse patternRead More
Embedded Masters: Documentation Update Notification for the EMRF-BCM2073xS   Thank you for your recent purchase of the Embedded Masters EMRF-BCM2073xS Break Out Board from Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI). This email is to notify you that the documentation for these devices has recently been updated. Please use the download links below to view the latest datasheet. These can also be found on the Embedded Masters Store and CDI website.   Download the BCM20732S datasheet   Download the BCM20736S datasheet   Click here to submit a technical inquiry. Visit: Call CDIRead More

Posted On September 3, 2014By Component Distributors Inc.In Ewave, Power, Riedon

Riedon Low Cost Precision Current / DC Current Shunts Rated Up To 1200A

Riedon Goes Green In Renewable Energy Applications With Low Cost DC Current Shunts Rated Up To 1200A Riedon, a specialist manufacturer of cutting-edge resistive solutions, is introducing a range of UL listed, RoHS-compliant, precision current shunts designed for DC ammeters and similar instruments. The RS Series of off-the-shelf, base-mounted shunts offer current ratings from 5A to 1200A. The RS Series combine low cost with the industry’s shortest lead-times while Riedon’s custom design capability caters for more unique requirements. These devices are targeted at applications in the renewables energy market, suchRead More
ROAL Electronics Gelo Series RGLD100-24 100W Low Profile LED Power Supply ROAL Electronics continues to set the standard in performance, functionality and cost effective solutions with the release of the RGLD100-24 Gelo series 100W 24VDC. Designed for powering LEDs in commercial & industrial lighting applications, ROAL RGLD100-24 LED power supplies are perfect for use in refrigeration, retail display and sign applications. The industry standard footprint and very low profile design makes the RGLD100-24 suitable for integration into the “mullion” space of refrigeration, freezer and display cases. ROAL’s RGLD100-24 Allows Customers To: Simplify Light Fixture DesignRead More