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NovaSensor Introduces the NPR-101 Pressure Sensor Designed for Harsh Media Exposure NovaSensor, a division of Amphenol Advanced Sensors introduces the NPR-101 pressure sensor. The NPR-101 is a silicon-based MEMS device using "Backside Absolute Pressure" technology designed for harsh media exposure, which eliminates the direct contact of the sensing circuitry with the applied media. The device is coupled with an ASIC to provide a ratio metric output proportional to the applied pressure and integrated diagnostics is included. This device is currently only available in the pressure range of 0-300 psia (20.68Read More
CDI Precision Measurement Metrology / Calibration Lab Solutions Granite Surface Plates / Webber Gage Blocks / Height Gages Now Available at Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI)   Granite Surface Plates The majority of our surface plates are produced with charcoal black granite. Upon request, we can also manufacture black diabase, pink or gray plates as well. Plates are produced to meet or exceed federal specification GGG-P-463c. Final inspection of our surface plates is done with an autocollimator or electronic levels and Repeat-O-Meter. Black and pink plates are engineered to support aRead More

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MegaChips MCDP2900 DisplayPort1.4 to HDMI2.0 Converter

MegaChips MCDP2900 DisplayPort1.4 to HDMI2.0 Converter Available at Component Distributors Inc. (CDI)   The MCDP2900 is an advanced DisplayPort1.4-to-HDMI2.0 protocol converter targeted for TVs, Game consoles and other consumer equipment as well as for mobile PC, tablet accessory applications. This device is an active protocol converter with HDCP1.x/ HDCP2.2 repeater supporting HDR video quality for deep color media content playback. This device is suitable for video sources such as BD players, Game consoles and STBs for streaming 4K HDR protected content over HDMI2.0 interface. It is also a seemly solutionRead More
Solartron Metrology Introduces Ethernet / IP for Industrial Automation Gaging!! Now Available at Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI)   Are you working towards any Gaging / Metrology projects requiring a PLC interface to Allen Bradley, or other popular PLC platforms? Our Metrology Engineers have been waiting a long time for an Ethernet/IP module to stack alongside their Orbit 3 Gaging modules. The wait is now over. Introducing…   The Solartron PIM (Protocol Interface Module)   The PIM, is a PLC compatible EtherNet/IP™ to ORBIT®3 interface module, that enable easy connections betweenRead More
Bender + Wirth Pre-Wired Solderless COB LED Holders Now Available at Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI)   Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) is pleased to announce the addition of Bender + Wirth to its LED Lighting Solutions portfolio. Bender + Wirth offers the most comprehensive line of high quality, pre-wired chip-on-board (COB) LED holders with a wide variety of secondary optics mounting options. There are holder models to fit COBs and secondary optics from most manufacturers. Wire leads are available in various lengths to facilitate assembly with LED heatsinks. CDI distributes BenderRead More
Colorful and Cool RGBA Modules with SinkPAD™ II Technology Now Available at Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI)   ADURA LED Solutions has introduced a new Red, Green, Blue, Amber high-performance LOB Modules using SinkPAD™ II Technology. The new RGBA LOB modules are designed for a wide range of decorative, architectural and specialty lighting applications and offered in various wattage options from 10W – 100W options.   Product Features Built on SinkPAD™ II Technology > 200 W/mk Thermal Conductivity Compact modules with high flux density Ideal for narrow beam applications Flexible withRead More
ADURA LED Solutions – New Modules with Nichia 229 LED and Compatible LEDiL Optics Now Available at Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI)   ADURA LED Solutions introduces an extension to its range of 2x2MX and 2×6 LED lighting solutions with the new NICHIA 229 LED family. ADURA LED Solutions new N229 LED Module family helps designers with best in class heat dissipation, longer life and better overall luminaire performance. Modules continue to be a popular building block product for luminaire manufacturers that want to accelerate the product development cycle. With theRead More
"COOLING MATTERS" – Thermally Best LUX-M LED Module from ADURA LED Solutions Now Available at Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI)   ADURA LED Solutions is all about COOL Lighting. LEDs generate heat and the heat must be managed properly. ADURA LED COOL Lighting Modules use SinkPAD™ II technology to provide designers with best in class heat dissipation, longer life and better overall luminaire performance.   ADURA LED Solution’s new LUX-M LED modules using SinkPAD™ II technology with rhermal xonductivity > 200 W/mK, high performance MCPCB and LUMILEDS LUXEON M LED, deliverRead More
ADURA LED Solutions – LED On Board (LOB) with SinkPAD™ II Technology Now Available at Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) FEATURES: Built on SinkPADTM-II PCB Technology > 380 W/mK Thermal Conductivity High efficacy over 160 lm/W typical (5000K, Ra 70) Using high performance LEDs from NICHIA and other 3535 packaged LEDs Broad range of CCT options from 2700K to 6500K CRI options: 70+, 80+, and 90+   APPLICATION: Street Lighting, High Bay Lighting, Area Lighting, Parking Lighting, Architectural Lighting, Wall-pack Lighting, Stadium Lighting, Specialty Lighting, Track / Spot Lighting Enhanced easeRead More

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Heidenhain Introduces the New Quadra Check 3000

Heidenhain USA Introduces ALL NEW!! QUADRA-CHEK 3000 The New Generation Controller for Video Measuring Machines and Measuring Microscopes   The QUADRA-CHEK 3000 evaluation unit is well suited for mounting on measuring machines, profile projectors, measuring microscopes and video testing machines with up to four axes. You can measure two-dimensional contour features quickly, simply and precisely using innovative measuring tools. Thanks to its industrial design, the QUADRA-CHEK 3000 is ideal for applications both in the measuring room and in a harsh production environment. The flat aluminum housing with integrated power packRead More